Washington’s New Slogan: Power Hungry

“What happens when Washington goes looking for a new identity?

Officials just couldn’t get past the city’s image as a magnet for the power hungry, so they decided to embrace it.  The result, revealed this morning: ‘Create your own power trip.'”

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More about D.C.’s new campaign at….

The Washington Post

“More than 15 million people will visit Washington this year and bring $5.24 billion in revenue to the city and its business, according to tourism officials, who want to increase their marketing budget by $10 million over a two year period….”

Washington Business Journal

“Spearheaded by Destination D.C. (formerly the Washington, D.C. Convention & Tourism Corp.), the $2 million campaign comes after more than a year of research and consumer testing and aims to better position the city against competitors such as Las Vegas, New York, Boston and Orlando… “


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